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The Institute of Informatics and Telematics of CNR carries out activities of research, assessment, technology transfer and training in the field of Information and Communication Technologies and of Computational Sciences. The rapid growth of Internet, its services and applications, is unrelenting and opens up new and fascinating scenarios of still unexplored research and development. Internet is ever more widespread and pervasive also in new applications such as Smart Cities and Communities, constantly enhancing its strategic role for the social, cultural and economic growth of the whole of humanity.

Within this context, IIT is naturally at the forefront and has its sights set on the Future Internet, with consolidated know-how in algorithmics and in areas of research and development, such as the "Internet of things" and "Internet of services". These range from high speed, mobile and pervasive networks, to issues of security and privacy, to innovative web technologies, but which also include new ICT aspects concerning the Internet Governance.


Rajib Ranjan Maiti

Foto di Rajib Ranjan Maiti

Flyer IIT per IGF Italia 2010

Internet Governance: il modello del Brasile. Il cammino verso la realizzazione della prima Costituzione di Internet



Sarà la città di Torino a ospitare la quinta edizione dell'Internet Governance Forum Italia, in programma dal 18 al 20 ottobre 2012.


Obiettivo principale del Forum è quello di definire i contenuti della partecipazione italiana all' IGF globale in programma a Baku dal 6 al 9 novembre 2012 , seguendo la natura aperta e multi-stakeholder che è propria dell'IGF.

Valentina Amenta

Foto di Valentina Amenta

Il Comitato di gestione per l’Internet istituito dal Governo del Brasile

MADAM: a Multi-Level Anomaly Detector for Android Malware

Programma IGF2010

Flyer IIT-CNR 2013

IGF 2012 - Internet Governance Forum 2012 - Baku, Azerbaijan


Seventh Annual Internet Governance Forum Meeting will be held in Baku, Azerbaijan from 6-9 November 2012. The proposed main theme of the 2012 IGF annual meeting is “Internet Governance for Sustainable Human, Economic and Social Development”.