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Post graduation scholarships for the Ukrainian scientific community

The IIT-CNR, as part of the National Research Council initiative for 66 scholarships reserved for students, researchers and professors from Ukraine, has opened 6 positions for Ukrainian graduates on the following topics:

Accessible apps for enhancing mobility experience – Scientific Area Human-computer interaction – Applications for social good (Scientific Responsible Marina Buzzi)

Algorithms for problems arising in Bioinformatics or Vehicular Networks or Smart Mobility – Scientific Area Computational mathematics (Scientific Responsible Paola Favati)

Study, design and development of innovative solution for guaranteeing trust, security and privacy in modern distributed environments, e.g., Cloud, IoT based environments, (Distributed) Online Social Networks, and Blockchains – Scientific Area Trust, security and privacy (Scientific Responsible Paolo Mori)

Design, prototyping and performance evaluation of next generation Internet systems in the following areas: 6G and edge computing, Quantum Internet, Human-centric & decentralised AI, mobile and e-health, decentralised networks for Industry 4.0 – Scientific Area Ubiquitous Internet (Scientific Responsible Andrea Passarella)

Knowledge organisation systems and Machine Learning – Scientific Area Informatica (Scientific Responsible Maria Taverniti)

Design, development and evaluation of social media analysis techniques for studying and mitigating online misinformation and misbehaviours, including fake news, hate speech and toxicity – Scientific Area Cyber Intelligence (Scientific Responsible Stefano Cresci)

For more informations please visit the URP CNR website.


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