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about us research technology projects education collaborations news scopus intranet


The Institute of Informatics and Telematics, in addition to its research activities, also carries out innovation and development activities dedicated to the Internet. Since the first Italian connection to the Internet in 1986, the original CNUCE institute and then the IIT-CNR have developed application projects related to networks and the development of the Internet.
Today, our technological units develop software and applications for Public Administration, for research and for individuals in the fields of information, health, education and e-government. In addition, the IIT-CNR deals with advanced network technologies and manages the Registry .it, the Italian registration service of domain names with the suffix .it.

This activity is carried out by our four Technological Units:

Human-Centered Technologies
Head of the Technological Unit: Marina Buzzi

The Human-Centered Technologies technology unit studies, plans, develops and tests innovative information systems designed according to the needs and behaviors of the people who interact with them. The multidisciplinary expertise of the group origins from research in the field of Human-Centered Computing and focuses above all on web technologies. The application fields include Public Administration, School, Health and welfare, Tourism and Cultural Heritage.

Computer and communication networks
Head of the Technological Unit: Abraham Gebrehiwot

The “Computer and Communication Networks” technological unit mainly deals with the management of the telematic and telephone infrastructure of the Pisa Research Area, the largest CNR research area in Italy, and provides some technological services to the personnel of the Research Institutes and other institutions located in the Area.

It participates in numerous national projects carrying out research and technology transfer activities, in collaboration with the scientific community and Public Administration. The personnel of the group collaborates with the Department of Information Engineering of the University of Pisa within the context of educational activities regarding networking and cybersecurity issues.

Digital Innovation
Head of the Technological Unit: Maurizio Martinelli

The Digital Innovation technological unit designs and develops innovative telematic applications for the IIT-CNR, for the .it Registry and, more generally, for CNR users, Public Administration and private individuals. This includes e-mail, the Domain Name System – DNS, content management, backup, electronic archiving and document flow management systems. Among its main objectives and tasks the unit also has technology transfer and training activities for CNR personnel and Internet Service Providers and the promotion of applied research projects for the information society.

Registro .it
Manager: Marco Conti

The Registro .it is responsible for the management of Internet domains with the .it suffix, for maintaining the database of registered domain names and for managing the primary .it nameserver. The Registry has operated within the IIT-CNR since December 1987, with the creation of cnuce.cnr.it (the first domain of the Italian network). This is by virtue of the delegation assigned to IIT by IANA (now ICANN).

The Head of the .it Registry is Marco Conti, director of IIT-CNR. The director avails himself of the support of the Management Committee (Cdg in Italian), made up of the heads of the five Units that make up the Registry. These are the Systems and technological development unit, the Legal and contractual issues unit, the International relations unit, the External relations, media, communication and marketing unit and the Operations and Services Unit for Registrars.

The Registry avails itself of the opinion of the Registry Steering Committee (Cir in Italian), an advisory body which remains in office for two years and operates according to its own Regulations.