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The research of the Institute of Informatics and Telematics is dedicated to the Internet and its numerous social and technological evolutions. These range from mobile (5G) and pervasive networks to the Internet of Things, from social network analysis to cybersecurity, from algorithmics applied to the Internet to smart mobility, from knowledge organization to cyber intelligence. In addition, the Institute conducts research into emerging technologies related to artificial intelligence and quantum computing.

This activity is carried out by five Research Units:

Algorithms and Computational Mathematics
Head of the Research Unit: Paola Favati

The Algorithms and Computational Mathematics research unit defines complex models and develops efficient algorithms for their resolution in three main areas: computational biology, smart mobility and algorithmics for wireless networks. These lines of research, more related to application aspects, are accompanied by a line of basic research in the field of numerical linear algebra and by scientific dissemination activities.

Cyber intelligence
Head of the Research Unit: Maurizio Tesconi

The Cyber Intelligence research unit, using Big Data technologies, develops innovative Web and Social Network data collection and analysis systems and studies new machine learning models (machine/deep learning) useful for combating crime and improving the security of society. The research activities carried out by the unit embrace various application contexts relating to social media, including the identification of botnets, fake news and deep fake text, the analysis of content for hate speech detection, the identification of accounts of potentially dangerous subjects and the analysis of the polarization and manipulation of public debates.

Knowledge organization systems
Head of the Research Unit: Maria Taverniti

The Knowledge organization systems (KOS) research unit is based in the UOS Rende (Cosenza) branch of the IIT-CNR. Its activity is dedicated to the management of the knowledge of information. This includes the construction and development of taxonomies, thesauri and classification systems for indexing digital documents and the development of innovative methods for coding data. The group is also the Italian reference point of LOINC® – Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes.

Trust, Security and Privacy
Head of the Research Unit: Paolo Mori

The Trust, Security and Privacy research unit of the IIT-CNR is a leading international research group. It is made up of about 25 people, divided into researchers, PhD students and developers. The research unit’s activity is focused on the definition of models, methodologies and tools for the security of information and communications.

Ubiquitous Internet
Head of the Research Unit: Andrea Passarella

The Ubiquitous Internet research unit develops new paradigms, algorithms and protocols for the Next-Generation Internet. It deals with the aspects that will make the Internet an “Internet of People” (IoP): an increasingly pervasive network, centered on users and their personal devices, seen as fundamental elements of its functioning. The fields in which the research unit applies these solutions are manifold, from smart cities to intelligent mobility systems, and from e-health to industry 4.0.