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about us research technology projects education collaborations news intranet

Management support units

The Administrative Secretariat deals with the management of all administrative and accounting activities of the Institute and those of the Registry.it. In particular:

  • management plans and three-years planning activities;
  • purchases, management of tender procedures, pre-litigation and disputes;
  • cash management and financial activities;
  • management of income and expenses;
  • support for the reporting of European and national projects;
  • VAT management;
  • procedures for research grants and collaboration contracts payments;
  • accounting and administrative procedures for staff travels;
  • administrative and accounting activity relating to the Registrars and annual economic reporting for the. It Registry;
  • drafting and management of contracts, operating agreements with national and international public bodies, scientific collaboration agreements and management of intellectual property;

The Administration Secretariat can be contacted for information regarding:

  • invoices, fees and payments, payment obligations, verification of irregularities, mandates, recovery orders, etc.
  • employment procedures for public tenders governed by EU rules
  • stipulation of active and passive contracts with the Institute
  • administrative and accounting issues relating to the .it Registry

Manager: Irene Sannicandro
Tel +39 050 315 3265
Tel +39 050 315 2117
Email segreteria@iit.cnr.it

The Personnel Department deals with the management of employment procedures, both for short-term and long-term personnel contracts and for external consultancy contracts across a range of positions within IIT.

The Personnel Secretariat can be contacted for information on:

  • all aspects relating to the career structure of CNR personnel: employment, attendance, overtime, vacation leave, practices relating to incentives and overtime
  • contracts for occasional provision of service, contracts for research grants and for fixed-term agreements with IIT
Manager: Irene Sannicandro
Tel +39 050 315 3265
Tel +39 050 315 2117
Email segreteria@iit.cnr.it

The Director Secretariat supports the Director in a range of activities within the IIT and the entire CNR. This includes the preparation of legal documents and procedures regarding the offices of the Institute, preparation of authorization documents (in coordination with the Administration Department), management of Institute records office protocols, coordination with CNR Headquarters, communications to IIT services and offices.

The Director Secretariat can be contacted for information regarding:

  • appointments with the Director
  • documents requiring specific protocol registration
Manager: Paola Pacella
Tel +39 050 315 2112
Tel +39 050 315 2117
Email segreteria@iit.cnr.it

This office supports the Direction for the communication and external relations with specific consultancy, promotional materials production and event organization. It designs and manages the updating of the Institute’s website and deals with the editorial plan of the IIT-CNR social networks pages. It manages the coordinated image of the Institute, supports research and technological units for their communication needs and plans and sets up scientific dissemination and promotional events.

You can contact the Communications Department for:

  • information on the communication activities of the Institute
  • the IIT logo and information concerning its possible uses
  • incorrect or missing information on the IIT website

  • Manager: Chiara Spinelli
    Tel +39 050 315 8253
    Mob +39 348 829 6590
    Email comunicazione@iit.cnr.it

The Scientific Affairs Unit carries out and coordinates institutional activities for the dissemination and enhancement of research results which are achieved at national and international levels.

  • It promotes the internationalization of research by representing CNR and IIT-CNR in ICT international organizations and European research consortia.
  • It plans and organizes conferences, exhibitions, project meetings and seminars promoted by IIT CNR, and deals with the coordinated image of each event.
  • It administers the Library of IIT-CNR for the enhancement and dissemination of the scientific research production carried out by the Institute and by the .it Registry.
  • It coordinates projects for the Italian work experience programme (the so called “Alternanza scuola-lavoro”), an ongoing innovative educational project involving high school students. This enables pupils to “alternate” periods of training in the classroom with placements in research institutions or other hosting organizations, helping their gradual entry into the world of work.
  • The Unit also deals with planning and organizing training courses for the CNR personnel of IIT and of drafting assessment documents and scientific reports as required by CNR Regulations.

The Scientific Affairs Unit can be contacted regarding:

  • conferences, exhibitions and events organized by IIT-CNR
  • European post-doctoral fellowship programmes of the European Research Consortium on Informatics and Mathematics (ERCIM)
  • scientific articles and publications of IIT-CNR and of Registro .it
  • projects of the Italian work experience programme for high school students
  • organizing visits and seminars for classes of school students and accompanying teachers
  • establishing contacts with the scientific and technological units of IIT-CNR
Manager: Adriana Lazzaroni
Tel +39 050 315 2646
Tel +39 050 315 2647
Email segreteria-scientifica@iit.cnr.it

The Internet Governance Secretariat promotes the study, consolidation and strengthening of the technical-scientific activities of IIT and CNR in the field of Internet Governance. It ensures their participation in multilateral cooperation processes at national and international level for the definition of the development policies of the Internet ecosystem. It develops and promotes multi-stakeholder dialogue between the parties interested in the Internet system, maintaining relations with the main actors of Internet Governance such as ISOC, IGF-ONU, ICANN, W3C and ITU. It contributes to this recent line of research with publications and popular seminars. It coordinates and conducts the cycle of lectures on “Internet Governance: history, organs and functions” within the Master in Internet Ecosystem Governance of the University of Pisa.

The Internet Governance Secretariat can be contacted regarding:

  • scientific initiatives and collaborations on Internet Governance, aimed at facilitating the understanding of the opportunities offered by the Internet by analyzing its risks and challenges
  • information on the Internet Ecosystem, Governance and Rights Master, created with the Department of Law of the University of Pisa
  • information on the development policies of the Internet ecosystem
  • seminars and dissemination events on the Internet Governance
Manager: Laura Abba
Tel +39 348 7981001
Email laura.abba@iit.cnr.it

The Technical Office handles the management of the Institute’s assets regarding both the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of equipment and movables. It manages telephony, inventory of goods and outgoing mail. The Technical Office also coordinates activities relating to safety and emergency management.

Manager: Cesario Carlo Alfiero Carbone
Tel +39 050 315 3532
Email ufficio.tecnico@iit.cnr.it