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Salvatore Bellomo

Foto di Salvatore Bellomo
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Phone: +39 050 315 3322
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Building: A
Entrance: 2A
Room: CED20

Bellomo Salvatore, 07-2020

Pubblications from 01/01/2016

Marco Avvenuti, Salvatore Bellomo, Stefano Cresci, Mariantonietta N. La Polla, Maurizio Tesconi
Hybrid Crowdsensing: A Novel Paradigm to Combine the Strengths of Opportunistic and Participatory Crowdsensing
2017, International World Wide Web Conference (WWW'17 companion)

Pubblications to 12/31/2015

Salvatore Bellomo, Stefano Cresci, Fabio Del Vigna, Mariantonietta N. La Polla, Maurizio Tesconi
A platform for gathering eyewitness reports from social media users in the aftermath of emergencies