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Analysis of the quality of the ccTLD .it DNS System

The Domain Name System (DNS) is undoubtedly the mostly widespread net service on the Internet. It enables the resolution of a host name in the corresponding IP address and makes the net resource available to the Internet users. This is done in an efficient and effective manner, and above all is totally transparent to the user. The DNS System is, in fact, a critical component of the Internet Infrastructure, where with the term “Internet critical infrastructure” we mean a system or a resource whose destruction or temporary unavailability has the effect of significantly weakening the effectiveness and the normal functioning of the net. This research project is aimed at analyzing and evaluating the effectiveness and quality of the DNS System of the ccTLD .it and at finding solutions that could, reduce its criticality. The preliminary phase will involve statistical analysis that can be summarized as follows:  

  • evaluation of the number of nameservers effectively “authoritative” for a domain name;
  • percentage of nameservers that perform ricorsion;
  • implementation and version used by the nameservers;
  • presence of MX record / A record;
  • presence of the website associated to the domain name.
External Partecipants: Massimo Ianigro, Claudio Marotta