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Luca Sani

Sani Luca, 06-2020

Pubblications from 01/01/2016

Enrico Gregori, Alessandro Improta, Luca Sani
On the African peering connectivity revealable via BGP route collectors
2017, 9th EAI International Conference on e‐Infrastructure and e‐Services for Developing Countries
Enrico Gregori, Barbara Guidi, Alessandro Improta, Luca Sani
ICE: A memory-efficient BGP route collecting engine
2017, Computer Networks

Pubblications to 12/31/2015

ISI journal
Enrico Gregori, Alessandro Improta, Luciano Lenzini, Lorenzo Rossi, Luca Sani
A Novel Methodology to Address the Internet AS-Level Data Incompleteness
Enrico Gregori, Alessandro Improta, Luciano Lenzini, Lorenzo Rossi, Luca Sani
Improving the reliability of inter-AS economic inferences through a hygiene phase on BGP data
2014, Computer Networks
Conference article
Faggiani A., Gregori E. , Improta A. , Lenzini L. , Luconi V., Sani L.
A study on traceroute potentiality in revealing the Internet AS-level topology
2014, Networking Conference, 2014 IFIP
Faggiani A.; Giardina P.G.; Gregori E.; Improta A.; Lenzini L.; Luconi V.; Pischedda, A.; Rossi L.; Sani L.
When traceroute Met BGP… How to reveal hidden internet as-level connectivity with Portolan and Isolario
2014, IEEE Conference on Computer Communications Workshops (INFOCOM WKSHPS 2014),
E. Gregori, A. Improta, L. Lenzini, L. Rossi, L. Sani
On the incompleteness of the AS-level graph: a novel methodology for BGP route collector placement
2012, ACM conference on Internet measurement conference (IMC 2012)
Enrico Gregori, Alessandro Improta, Luciano lenzini, Lorenzo rossi, Luca Sani
BGP and Inter-AS Economic Relationships
2011, 10th International IFIP TC 6 Networking Conference