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Leonardo Nizzoli

Nizzoli Leonardo, 08-2020

Pubblicazioni dal 01/01/2016

Contributo in atto di convegno
Stefano Cresci, Salvatore Minutoli, Leonardo Nizzoli, Serena Tardelli, Maurizio Tesconi
Enriching Digital Libraries with Crowdsensed Data
2019, 15th Italian Research Conference on Digital Libraries
Leonardo Nizzoli, Marco Avvenuti, Stefano Cresci, Maurizio Tesconi
Extremist Propaganda Tweet Classification with Deep Learning in Realistic Scenarios
2019, Proceedings of the 11th International ACM Conference on Web Science (WebSci'19)
Tiziano Fagni, Leonardo Nizzoli, Marinella Petrocchi, Maurizio Tesconi
Six Things I Hate About You (in Italian) and Six Classification Strategies to More and More Effectively Find Them
2019, Proceedings of the Third Italian Conference on Cyber Security
Marco Avvenuti, Stefano Cresci, Leonardo Nizzoli, and Maurizio Tesconi
GSP (Geo-Semantic-Parsing): Geoparsing and Geotagging with Machine Learning on top of Linked Data
2018, The 15th Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC'18)
Contributo in rivista
Leonardo Nizzoli, Serena Tardelli, Marco Avvenuti, Stefano Cresci, Maurizio Tesconi, Emilio Ferrara
Charting the landscape of online cryptocurrency manipulation
2020, IEEE Access
Leonardo Nizzoli, Marco Avvenuti, Maurizio Tesconi, Stefano Cresci
Geo-Semantic-Parsing: AI-powered geoparsing by traversing semantic knowledge graphs
2020, Decision Support Systems
Marco Avvenuti, Salvatore Bellomo, Stefano Cresci, Leonardo Nizzoli, Maurizio Tesconi
Towards better social crisis data with HERMES: Hybrid sensing for EmeRgency ManagEment System
2020, Pervasive and Mobile Computing