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machine learning

Pubblicazioni e prodotti editoriali prima del 01/01/2016

A Criticism to Society (as seen by Twitter analytics)

A Fake Follower Story: improving fake accounts detection on Twitter

Clustering Spam Emails into Campaigns

Digital Waste Sorting: A Goal-Based, Self-Learning Approach to Label Spam Email Campaigns

Fame for sale: effcient detection of fake Twitter followers

Improved maturity assessment of Wikipedia medical articles

Pubblicazioni e prodotti editoriali dal 01/01/2016

A K-Nearest Neighbor Classifier for Ship Route Prediction

Android malware detection based on system call sequences and LSTM

A "Pay How You Drive" Car Insurance Approach through Cluster Analysis

A Time Series Classification Approach to Game Bot Detection

BRIDEMAID: An Hybrid Tool for Accurate Detection of Android Malware

Car Hacking Identification through Fuzzy Logic Algorithms

Cluster Analysis for Driver Aggressiveness Identification

Devoloping Personal Thermal Comfort Models for the Control of HVAC in Cars using Field Data

Driver and Path Detection through Time-Series Classification

Game Bot Detection in Online Role Player Game through Behavioural Features

I Find Your Behavior Disturbing: Static and Dynamic App Behavioral Analysis for Detection of Android Malware

Impact of Code Obfuscation on Android Malware Detection based on Static and Dynamic Analysis

Lightweight Modeling of User Context Combining Physical and Virtual Sensor Data

Machine Learning meets iOS Malware: Identifying Malicious Applications on Apple Environment

Mobile Silent and Continuous Authentication using Apps Sequence

Phylogenetic Analysis for Ransomware Detection and Classification into Families

R-PackDroid: API Package-Based Characterization and Detection of Mobile Ransomware

Semi-supervised knowledge extraction for detection of drugs and their effects

Tor traffic analysis and detection via machine learning techniques

VizMal: A Visualization Tool for Analyzing the Behavior of Android Malware

Who's Driving My Car? A machine learning based approach to driver identification