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Biblioteca Internet Governance

Raccolta di testi, documenti e materiale riguardanti le tematiche della Internet Governnace.

Pubblicazioni e prodotti editoriali prima del 01/01/2016

Addressing Privacy Issues in Location-based Collaborative and Distributed Environments

A Privacy-Aware Framework for Decentralized Online Social Networks

A quality model for social networks populated with web services.

Are Photos On Social Networks Really Private?

Design and Development of a Facebook Application to Raise Privacy Awareness

Enabling Data Sharing in the Cloud

Privacy-Preserving Interest-Casting in Opportunistic Networks

Privacy-Preserving Mobility-Casting in Opportunistic Networks

Rassegna Stampa e Web: "Moc, la firma con il pollice (e una smart- card) - 13 aprile 2006"

Social Networks and Legal Issues: Privacy, Security, Identity and Reputation

Technical and legal perspectives in Data Sharing Agreements definition

Pubblicazioni e prodotti editoriali dal 01/01/2016

Big data, facciamo troppo poco per difendere i cittadini

Distributed Coverage of Ego networks in F2F Online Social Networks

Enhancing Video Surveillance with Usage Control and Privacy-Preserving Solutions

Il data Protection Officer nella Pubblica Amministrazione

Logical Key Hierarchy for Groups Management in Distributed Online Social Network

Privacy and temporal aware allocation of data in Decentralized Online Social Networks.

Privacy-aware Data Sharing in a Tree-based Categorical Clustering Algorithm