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Rapporto, 2020

G. Lacava, A. Marotta, F. Martinelli, A. Saracino, A. La Marra, E. Gil-Uriarte, V. Mayoral Vilches
Current Research Issues on Cyber security in Robotics
Mario Loffredo, Robert Stepanek
JSContact: Converting from and to vCard
Beatrice Rapisarda, Vittorio Romano
SoBigData_D3.6_654024_Final dissemination and community building events
2020, SoBigData Research Infrastructure
Joanna Wright (USFD), Marco Braghieri (KCL), Beatrice Rapisarda (CNR)
SoBigData_D4.3_654024_Training Activities-planning material and reports 2
2020, SoBigData Research Infrastructure
Francesca Martelli, M. Elena Renda, Jinhua Zhao
The Price of Privacy Control in Mobility Sharing
Alessia Minissale, Andrea Marchetti, Angelica Lo Duca
ZARS: a Software to extract information from Online Travel Agencies