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Rivista non ISI, 2008

Stefano Bistarelli, Pamela Peretti, Irina Trubitsyna
Analyzing Security Scenarios Using Defence Trees and Answer Set Programming
2008, Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science
B. Codenotti , B. McCune, S. Pemmaraju, R. Raman, K. Varadarajan
An experimental study of different approaches to solve the market equilibrium problem
2008, ACM Journal of Experimental Algorithmics
Chiara Boldrini, Marco Conti, Andrea Passarella
Autonomic behaviour of opportunistic network routing
2008, Inderscience International Journal of Autonomous and Adaptive Communications Systems
E. Ancillotti, R. Bruno, M. Conti, A. Pinizzotto
Dynamic Address Autoconfiguration in Hybrid Ad Hoc Networks
2008, and Mobile Computing, Elsevier Publisher
M.Pellegrini, G.Fusco
Efficient IP table lookup via adaptive stratified trees with selective reconstructions
2008, ACM Journal of Experimental Algorithms
B. Leporini, P. Andronico, M. Buzzi, C. Castillo
Evaluating a modified Google user interface via screen reader
2008, Universal Access in the Information Society
C. Boldrini, M. Conti, A. Passarella
Exploiting users social relations to forward data in opportunistic networks: the HiBOp solution
2008, Elsevier Pervasive and Mobile Computing
Roberto Gorrieri, Fabio Martinelli, Marinella Petrocchi
Formal Models and Analysis of Secure Multicast in Wired and Wireless Networks
2008, Journal of Automated Reasoning
Laura Abba, Alessandro Nicotra
Generic Top level Domain
2008, Rivista Informatica e Diritto
F. Delmastro, A. Passarella, M. Conti
P2P Multicast for Pervasive Ad Hoc Networks
2008, Elsevier Pervasive and Mobile Computing