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Rivista non ISI, 2007

F. Martinelli, I. Matteucci
An Approach for the Specification, Verification and Synthesis of Secure Systems
2007, Electronic Notes Theoretical Computer Science
P. Favati,G. Lotti,O. Menchi, F. Romani
A stochasic model for the link analysis of the Web
2007, Internet Mathematics
G. Bella, S. Bistarelli, P. Peretti, S.Riccobene
Augmented Risk Analysis
2007, Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science
F. Martinelli, M. Petrocchi
A Uniform Framework for Security and Trust Modeling and Analysis with Crypto-CCS
2007, Electr. Notes Theor. Comput. Sci.
P. Ferragina, R. Giancarlo, V. Greco, G. Manzini, G. Valiente
-based classification of biological sequences and structures via the Universal Similarity Metric: experimental assessment
2007, BMC Bioinformatics
F.Geraci, M.Pellegrini, F.Sebastiani, M. Maggini
Cluster Generation and Cluster Labelling for Web Snippets:A Fast and Accurate Hierarchical Solution
2007, Internet Mathematics
P. Ferragina, G. Manzini, V.Mäkinen, G. Navarro
Compressed representations of sequences and full-text indexes
2007, ACM Transactions on Algorithms
R. Bernasconi, S. Giordano, A. Puiatti, R. Bruno, E. Gregori
Design and Implementation of an Enhanced 802.11 MAC Architecture for Single-hop Wireless Networks
2007, EURASIP Journal of Wireless Communications and Networking
E. Borgia, F. Delmastro
Effects of Unstable Links on AODV Performance in Real Testbeds
2007, EURASIP Journal of Wireless Communications and Networking