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Smart Mobility


Wireless network algorithms

This activity is aimed at investigating, both analytically and through simulation, some fundamental properties of wireless multihop networks such as connectivity, radio interference, network lifeti


Federico Librino

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Francesca Martelli

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Giovanni Resta

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Maria Elena Renda

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Paolo Santi

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Fraunhofer IAO - Competence Center Mobility Innovation

This collaboration is within the Ambient Mobility Lab, a joint initiative between the

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - SENSEable City Lab

This collaboration has been developed within the recent activities we started on smart mobility.


EU Project - MobiWallet

MobiWallet addresses Interoperable Fare Management solutions through four key impact areas: encouraging modal shift and facilitating ease of use of multiple transpor

IPERMOB - A Pervasive and Heterogeneous Infrastructure to control Urban Mobility in Real-Time

Within the domain of "Intelligent Transport Systems" IPERMOB proposes a multi-tier approach for developing an Information System for urban mobility.
IPERMOB proposes a new generation of integrated systems based on the optimization and inter-operability of the chain formed by:

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Publications and editorial products from the 01/01/2016

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A future of shared mobility

Mobility Sharing with Time Flexibility: A Theoretical Model

Scaling Law of Urban Ride Sharing

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