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Social Networks


Big Data & Mobile Cloud

A large number of diversified source exist today, including mobile devices, remote sensing technologies, wireless sensor networks, social media, which generate large and complex data sets that must

Social Networking

The merging between Social Networking and ubiquitous networking is an exciting example of cyber-physical convergence, whereby interactions and actions in the cyber world (Online Social Networks) an


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Publications and editorial products until 01/01/2016

A Model to Represent Human Social Relationships in Social Network Graphs

Analysis of Ego Network Structure in Online Social Networks

A Privacy-Aware Framework for Decentralized Online Social Networks

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Design and Development of a Facebook Application to Raise Privacy Awareness

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Generating Social Network Graphs

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PLIERS: PopuLarity-based ItEm Recommender System

Social-Aware Stateless Forwarding in Pocket Switched Networks

Social Networks and Legal Issues: Privacy, Security, Identity and Reputation

Using Incentives to Analyze Social Web Services’ Behaviors

Web 2.0: Twitter and the blind

Why Do I Retweet It? An Information Propagation Model for Microblogs

Publications and editorial products from the 01/01/2016

#BDST: Bot Detection Support Tool for human annotators of Twitter data

Facebook: a New Tool for Collecting Health Data?

Fake people. Storie di social bot e bugiardi digitali

Hate Me, Hate Me Not: Hate Speech Detection on Facebook

Online Social Networks

On the need of opening up crowdsourced emergency management systems

The Internet of People (IoP): A new wave in pervasive mobile computing

Presentations and Demos

Social networks: opportunities and challenges for blind people

Proposal of thesis

Una rete sociale su dati medici