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Personalized Information Search and Retrieval Through a Desktop Application

An important aspect of current Search Engines is that they answer queries crudely rather than learning the long-term requirements specific to a given user or, more precisely, to a  specific information seeking task. If the same query is submitted by different users to a typical search engine, it will probably return the same result, regardless of who submitted the query. In our opinion, smart searching is definitely the next level of search technology. In this paper we present a Personalized Information Search Assistant, PISA, an environment where the user will not only be able to search/retrieve/be informed about documents relevant to her interests, but she will also be provided with highly personalized tools for organizing documents and information into a personal workspace. The major novelty of PI SA is that it combines all the characteristics of an on-line metasearch system with working space organization features in a desktop application, providing the user with a single user point of view personalized search environment.

Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing, 2011

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