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Towards agent-based cross-lingual interoperability of distributed lexical resources

An application fostering the integration and interopera-bility of computational lexicons, focusing on the particular case of mutual linking and cross-lingual enrichment of two wor-dnets, the ItalWordNet and Sinica BOW lexicons. This is intended as a case-study investigating the needs and requirements of semi-automatic integration and inter-operability of lexical resources.

ACL Workshop on Multilingual Lexical Resources and Interoperability, Sydney (Australia), 2006

Autori: C. Soria, M. Tesconi, A. Marchetti, F. Bertagna, M. Monachini, C.Huang and N.Calzolari
Autori IIT:

Tipo: Articolo in Atti di convegno internazionale con referee
Area di disciplina: Information Technology and Communication Systems

Attività: Document Workflow
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