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IEEE Workshop on Autonomic and Opportunistic Communications

The diffusion of lightweight, powerful portable devices, also enriched with a variety of sensing capabilities, is enabling new ways for users to communicate, and is laying the foundation for the ubiquitous networking idea to become a reality. Risen from the ashes of traditional MANETs, which failed to cope with the variability of a network solely made up from mobile users, opportunistic communications have recently stood out and gained a lot of research attention. Opportunistic networking is the enabling strategy for communications in a mobile network. The idea of opportunistically exploiting extemporary contacts among the users of the network poses new and challenging problems, as well as providing with novel and promising opportunities, to the networking research community. The AOC 2011 workshop will be a meeting point for people working in the area and it will constitute a forum to exchange ideas, discuss solutions, and share experiences among researchers, professionals, and application developers, both from industry and academia. The AOC 2011 workshop will have a primary interest in the new directions of opportunistic communications represented by mobile social networking, content-centric networking, and participatory sensing.


Dal 20/06/2011 al 20/06/2011, Lucca