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Modelling a secure agent with team automata

We use Team Automata in order to model a protocol by Cachin et al. for securing agents in a hostile environment. Our study focuses on privacy properties of the agents. We use the framework to prove a result from the work by Cachin et al. As a by-product, our analysis gives some initial insight on the limits of the protocol. From a different perspective, this study continues a line of research on the expressive power and modelling capabilities of Team Automata. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first attempt to use Team Automata for the analysis of privacy properties. Titolo Rivista: Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science

Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science, 2006

Autori: L. Egidi, M. Petrocchi
Autori IIT:

Tipo: Articoli su riviste non ISI con referee internazionali
Area di disciplina: Computer Science and Engineering
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Attività: Metodi formali per la sicurezza di sistemi ICT