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EU project - ANIKETOS Secure and Trustworthy Composite Servic


Tipo: Progetto internazionale

Trustworthy and Secure Future Internet

The Future Internet will provide an environment in which a diverse range of services are offered by a diverse range of suppliers, and users are likely to unknowingly invoke underlying services in a dynamic and ad hoc manner. Moving from today’s static services, we will see service consumers that transparently mix and match service components depending on service availability, quality, price and security attributes. Thus, the applications end users see may be composed of multiple services from many different providers,and the end user may have little in the way of guarantee that a particular service or service supplier will actually offer the security claimed. ANIKETOS will help establish and maintain trustworthiness and secure behaviour in a constantly changing service environment. The project will align existing and develop new technology, methods, tools and security services that support the design-time creation and run-time dynamic behaviour of composite services, addressing service developers, service providers and service end users. ANIKETOS will provide methods for analysing, solving, and sharing information on how new threats and vulnerabilities can be mitigated. A platform will be constructed for creating and maintaining secure and trusted composite services. Specifications, best practices, standards and certification work related to security and trust of composite services will be promoted for inclusion in European reference architectures. Our approach to achieving trustworthiness and security of adaptive services will take account of socio-technical aspects as well as basic technical issues.The consortium consists of large industrial and research players in the field, including end user partners with specific domain competence related to three case studies planned in the project.


Dal 01/08/2010 al 31/01/2014

Note: VII Framework Programme, IIT is Partner in this project