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Progetti pilota dei G7 per la Società dell’Informazione. GIBN: stato del progetto e prospettive future

In 1995 Ministers at the G7 Conference held in Bruxelles, launched 11 Pilot Projects for the activation of the Information Society. GIBN (Global Interoperability for Broadband Networks) is one of the pilot projects which deals with the development of broadband network infrastructures wich will form the foundation of the global information society. The project aims to promote global interconnectivity and interoperability of national research networks and testbeds and to facilitate and accelerate the development and deployment of broadband applications and services. This paper supplies an update of the project status, its implementation strategy and future perspectives.



Autori: S. Trumpy, A. Lazzaroni
Autori IIT:

Stefano Trumpy

Foto di Stefano Trumpy

Tipo: TR Rapporti tecnici
Area di disciplina: Information Technology and Communication Systems

File: Lazzaroni98-1.pdf

Attività: Relazioni internazionali IIT-CNR