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EU Project - Modelling Tools for interdependencies Assessment in ICT systems( MOTIA)

Contraente: Comunità Europea

Tipo: Progetto internazionale

Ubiquitous Internet

MOTIA will develop a methodological framework, based on existing best practices on network interdependencies analysis and on ICT network vulnerabilities assessment, to identify critical system interdependencies that could amplify failure impacts. The methodology will be applied to a practical Italian case study.
An increase in the interdependency of the systems could bring more vulnerabilities and less resilience. The objective is to develop an alert-indicator which would help crisis prevention and mitigation policy maker as well as the CERT to take action towards bringing the vulnerability within the accepted parameters.



Alessandro Improta

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Chiara Orsini

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Responsabile: Enrico Gregori

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Dal 14/04/2010 al 13/04/2012