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Un approccio all’utilizzo di Web Services all’interno di strumenti di content management

In recent years the use of information technology and network has become vital for public or private organizations. The ways in which information can be used it changed from simple posting on the Internet or intranet (content management) to sending data between users (document workflow systems). The systems, unfortunately, cannot communicate each other, therefore a given information, although accessible from a remote system, cannot be automatically inserted into a CMS (content management system) or document workflow. There are several ways to overcome that problem; the simplest is to manually enter the necessary information, but this solution is highly inefficient. This technical report aims to study the different technologies as well as the useful features that can solve the problem. Using the technology of web services and content management Drupal, it has been implemented the module RemoteCCK to allow the use of information from remote systems. Some example are provided in the report about the use of the module RemoteCCK, both to request information on Drupal itself and inside a systems of Document Workflow, such as Druflow and sMail, to show the high generality of the implemented module.


Autori IIT:

Davide Gazzè

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Andrea Vivaldi

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Tipo: TR Rapporti tecnici
Area di disciplina: Information Technology and Communication Systems
IIT TR-20/2010