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Enhanced cooperation on public policy issues pertaining to the Internet critical resources

The present report seeks to take stock of steps taken for enhanced cooperation on the management of Internet critical resources (domain names and IP numbers) to enable governments, on an equal footing, to carry out their roles and responsibilities, in international public policy issues pertaining to the Internet.

Even if the Internet governance is not restricted to the activities of governments, in recent years, heads of state and government acknowledged that the Internet system is a central element of the emerging information society, essential to provide a baseline level of services to every resident of a country [security, health, ....]. Internet is a global system; UN has been fully engaged in the Internet governance debate, since the need of international agreement and regulation became more apparent. However there are different positions about Internet coordination, operation, development, regulation, and legislation. The World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) reaffirms that governments have to achieve their full potential and to attain internationally agreements to build a people-centred, inclusive and development-oriented Information Society. Therefore, governments should take action, in the framework of national development policies, in order to support Internet governance and related issues, as well as to maintain the security, continuity and stability of the Internet, and to protect the Internet and other ICT networks from threats and vulnerabilities. The international community is committed to harmonise present set of governmental positions and steps that are significantly not matching: some governments prefer to participate directly in the Internet system management; others – like Italian Government – are working to increase governmental participation inside the existing international organisation, which are managing Internet, like ICANN.

Rivista Informatica e Diritto, 2010

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Stefano Trumpy

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