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Dental Health of Children with Autism: Controlling Anxiety Using Dental Care Training via ICT

Offering dental health to children with autism is challenging because it provides various visual/aural stimulations rarely experienced in any other setting. Their different perception of the surrounding world and difficulty accepting unknown social contexts can generate anxiety and fear, which if not adequately addressed, might trigger problem behaviors. This often forces dentists to use potentially dangerous
chemical sedation in order to perform dental work on the child. Since digital tools are natural motivators for children, our study aims to expand previous research investigating the full potential of ICT to deliver the awareness and predictability of all dental clinic environment components (settings, tools, noise, procedures).
A multidisciplinary team applied co-design to selecting and creating digital resources and tools organized in a web application, MyDentist (https://mydentist.iit.cnr.it). A clinical protocol was defined and tested with a group of 59 patients (45 males and 14 females) with ASD to implement desensitization and anxiety control in a real dental care setting using a kit of digital resources as assistive technology.

ORCID: 0000-0002-5487-0277; 0000-0001-7818-0601; 0000-0003-1725-9433; 0000-0002-4411-7134; 0000-0001-8278-546X; 0000-0002-4575-9761; 0000-0003-3996-3827

Internationa Society for Autism Research (INSAR) 2020 (Virtual) Annual Meeting, Virtual mieting (due to covid19), 2020

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Fabio Uscidda

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Tipo: Abstract in atti di convegno
Area di disciplina: Information Technology and Communication Systems

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Attività: Accessibility and Usability of User Interfaces
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