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Internet Governance Forum: l'evoluzione del modello multi-stakeholder tra criticità e prospettive future

The article explores the dynamics of the existing, multilateral cooperation process - at nationaland international level - that defines the policies to develop the Internet ecosystem. It explains the roleof the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in particular, touches on the IGF milestones, and subsequentlyfocuses on the critical elements of the Internet governance in the short term. The article highlightsthe current complex and unprecedented scenario of the Internet governance that is quite fragile from anoperational perspective and is more and more subject to the economic interests of the big Internet players.The national governments and international organisations are at risk of seeing their part undermined.Therefore, it is of paramount importance to have a clear vision of the future of Internet governance as itwill affect our fundamental rights, the economic growth and the standards of freedom of the democraticsystems. These are all top priorities of the present political agenda where the issue of controlling theInternet is crucial too. The search of sort of gentle balance of powers among all the Internet governancedecision-making actors is the ultimate goal within a supranational environment that has become morechallenging because of political, technical, economic and jurisdictional factors.

Informatica e diritto, 2020

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Attività: Consolidamento e rafforzamento delle attività tecnico-scientifiche in materia di Internet Governance