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Human-centric Data Dissemination in the IoP: Large-scale Modeling and Evaluation

Data management using Device-to-Device (D2D) communications and opportunistic networks (ONs) is one of the main focuses of human-centric pervasive Internet services. In the recently proposed “Internet of People” paradigm, accessing relevant data dynamically generated in the environment nearby is one of the key services. Moreover, personal mobile devices become proxies of their human users while exchanging data in the cyber world and, thus, largely use ONs and D2D communications for exchanging data directly. Recently, researchers have successfully demonstrated the viability of embedding human cognitive schemes in data dissemination algorithms for ONs. In this article, we consider one such scheme based on the recognition heuristic, a human decision-making scheme used to efficiently assess the relevance of data. While initial evidence about its effectiveness is available, the evaluation of its behaviour in large-scale settings is still unsatisfactory. To overcome these limitations, we have developed a novel hybrid modeling methodology that combines an analytical model of data dissemination within small-scale communities of mobile users, with detailed simulations of interactions between different communities. This methodology allows us to evaluate the algorithm in large-scale city- and countrywide scenarios. Results confirm the effectiveness of cognitive data dissemination schemes, even when content popularity is very heterogenous.


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