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Towards the Insurance of Healthcare Systems

Insurance of digital assets is becoming an important aspect nowadays, in order to reduce the investment risks in modern businesses. GDPR and other legal initiatives makes this necessity even more demanding as an organization is now accountable for the usage of its client data. In this paper, we present a cyber insurance framework, called CyberSure. The main contribution is the runtime integration of certification, risk management, and cyber insurance of cyber systems. Thus, the framework determines the current level of compliance with the acquired policies and provide early notifications for potential violations of them. CyberSure develops CUMULUS certification models for this purpose and, based on automated (or semi-automated) certification carried out using them, it develops ways of dynamically adjusting risk estimates, insurance policies and premiums. In particular, it considers the case of dynamic certification, based on continuous monitoring, dynamic testing and hybrid combinations of them, to adapt cyber insurance policies as the conditions of cyber system operation evolve and new data become available for adjusting to the associated risk. The applicability of the whole approach is demonstrated in the healthcare sector, for insuring an e-health software suite that is provided by an IT company to public and private hospitals in Greece. The overall approach can reduce the potential security incidents and the related economic loss, as the beneficiary deploys adequate protection mechanisms, whose proper operation is continually assessed, benefiting both the insured and the insurer.


Autori esterni: George Hatzivasilis (Forth), Panos Chatziadam (Forth), Andreas Miaoudakis (Forth), Eftychia Lakka (Forth), Alessio Alessia (NIS), Michail Smyrlis (Forth), George Spanoudakis (CITY University), Michalis Antoniou (HDI), Nikos Stathiakis (Forth)
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Tipo: Contributo in atti di convegno
Area di disciplina: Information Technology and Communication Systems

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