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Il progetto ALPHA (eAsy inteLligent service Platform for Healthy Ageing)

ALPHA project aimed at developing an intelligent service platform to collect and process information about Alzheimer disease (AD) patients’ lifestyle. It brought together clinical, informatics and historical-archival competencies to create a system which integrates data coming from heterogenous sources to provide data for supporting and enhancing the accuracy and reliability of monitoring and assesing patients’ health status. The following sections describe the three project parts and the results derived from their interaction.


Autori esterni: Amalia Cecilia Bruni (Centro Regionale di Neurogenetica, ASP di Catanzaro), Antonio Coronato (ICAR CNR), Valentina Laganà (Centro Regionale di Neurogenetica, ASP di Catanzaro), Nicoletta Smirne (Centro Regionale di Neurogenetica, ASP di Catanzaro), Giovanni Paragliola (ICAR CNR)
Autori IIT:

Tipo: Altro prodotto
Area di disciplina: Information Technology and Communication Systems

File: Poster_invecchiamento2019_final.pdf

Attività: ALPHA - eAsy inteLligent servi e Platform for Healthy Ageing