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Application-Level Traceroute: Adopting Mimetic Mechanisms to Increase Discovery Capabilities

Traceroute is a popular network diagnostic tool used for discovering the Internet path towards a target host. Besides network diagnostic, in the last years traceroute has been used by researchers to discover the topology of the Internet. Some network administrators, however, configure their networks to not reply to traceroute probes or to block them (e.g. by using firewalls), preventing traceroute from providing details about the internal structure of their networks. In this paper we present camouflage traceroute (camotrace), a traceroute-like tool aimed at discovering Internet paths even when standard traceroute is blocked. To this purpose, camotrace mimics the behavior of a popular TCP-based application-level protocol. We show preliminary results that confirm that camotrace is able to obtain additional information compared to standard traceroute.

International Conference on Wired/Wireless Internet Communication - WWIC, Bologna , Italy, 2019

Autori esterni: Chiara Caiazza, Francesco Mione (University of Florence, Florence, Italy), Alessio Vecchio (Dip. di Ingegneria dell’Informazione, University of Pisa, Pisa, Italy)
Autori IIT:

Enrico Gregori

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Tipo: Contributo in atti di convegno
Area di disciplina: Computer Science & Engineering

File: Caiazza2019_Chapter_Application-LevelTracerouteAdo.pdf

Attività: Internet Measurements & Design