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Remote Sensing for Maritime Prompt Monitoring

The main purpose of this paper is to describe a software platform dedicated to sea surveillance, capable of detecting and identifying illegal maritime traffic. This platform results from the cascade pipeline of several image processing algorithms that input Radar or Optical imagery captured by satellite-borne sensors and try to derive the class and the behavior of the ships detected in the scene. More in detail, the processing chain is dedicated to i) the detection of target vessel in the input map, ii) the estimation of the vessel most descriptive geometrical, and scatterometric (for radar images) features, iii) the estimation of the kinematics of the vessel, iv) the prediction of the vessel’s forthcoming route and, finally, v) the visualization of the results in a dedicated webGIS interface. This platform is innovative because it integrates behaviour analysis and route prediction in a unique and automatic processing streamline. This will represent a new tool for combating unauthorized fishing, irregular migration and related smuggling activities.

Journal of Marine Science and Engineering, 2019

Autori esterni: Marco Reggiannini (ISTI-CNR), Marco Righi (ISTI-CNR), Marco Tampucci (ISTI-CNR), Luigi Bedini (ISTI-CNR), Claudio Di Paola (Mapsat), Massimo Martinelli (ISTI-CNR), Costanzo Mercurio (Mapsat), Emanuele Salerno (ISTI-CNR), Bruno Zizi (Sister)
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Area di disciplina: Information Technology and Communication Systems

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