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A Blockchain-based Application to Protect Minor Artworks

A new emerging trend concerns the implementation of services and distributed applications through theblockchain technology. A blockchain is an append-only database, which guarantees security, transparency andimmutability of records. Blockchains can be used in the field of Cultural Heritage to protect minor artworks,i.e. artistic relevant works not as famous as masterpieces. Minor artworks are subjected to counterfeiting,thefts and natural disasters because they are not well protected as famous artworks. This paper describes ablockchain-based application, called MApp (Minor Artworks application), which lets authenticated users (pri-vate people or organizations), store the information about their artworks in a secure way. The use of blockchainproduces three main advantages. Firstly, artworks cannot be deleted from the register thus preventing thievesto remove records associated stolen objects. Secondly, artworks can be added and updated only by authorizedusers, thus preventing counterfeiting in objects descriptions. Finally, records can be used to keep artworksmemory in case of destruction caused by a natural disaste

In 15th International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies (WEBIST), Vienna, 2019

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