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The M@dNotes Project

Access to scientific literature it is really changing since we have global democratization of knowledge. (Open Access movement)Sharing the results of research and scientific production is crucial for the survival and development of all disciplines. Knowledge Management (KM) in General practice/ Family Medicine (GP/FM) and Primary Health Care (PHC) •High complexity by intertwined human and technical approaches•Content not harmonized. No uniform table of content for both disciplines•Classification system available only for clinical purposes (International Classification of Primary Care –ICPC‐2)•No existing contextual features classification Each year, research meetings, virtual conferences, websites, blogs produce an amount of communicable data usually with restricted circulation in local networks or small groups.The project emerged when verifying that more than 95% of the postgraduate and pregraduateresearch/reports/ scholar works (monograph) presented as part of the training process was finally lost and unpublished.

Twenty International Conference on Grey Literature , New Orleans, 2018

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