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Internet of Things: Social and legal issues

The advent of internet represents a revolution for the contemporary era, it having brought about a striking series of changes in social, institutional, political and economic life. This ongoing revolution has spread and absorbed within itself all the problems related to its own development. Objects become recognizable and acquire intelligence in that they are able to communicate data regarding themselves and also access other information aggregated by other devices. They are able to participate in a dialogue and interact among themselves within electronic communication networks, without human intervention. For example, alarm clocks ring early if there is traffic congestion, gym shoes transmit times, speed and distance in order to compete with persons located on the other side of the globe. Medicine bottles let us know if we forget to take our drugs. All objects can acquire an active role thanks to connection with the Web. The associated problems, which can no longer be ignored, draw attention above all to the lack of data control, that is to the vast extent of the data collected and more generally to the security of these data.

This article has the aim of analyzing the ways in which European legislators, and consequently also Italian representatives, have intervened in order to stem the tide of emerging issues.

Cryptographic Security Solutions for the Internet of Things is an essential reference source that discusses novel designs and recent developments in cryptographic security control procedures to improve the efficiency of existing security mechanisms that can help in securing sensors, devices, networks, communication, and data in the Internet of Things. With discussions on cryptographic algorithms, encryption techniques, and authentication procedures, this book is ideally designed for managers, IT consultants, startup companies, ICT procurement managers, systems and network integrators, infrastructure service providers, students, researchers, and academic professionals.

Edited by: IGI Global - International Publisher of Progressive Academic Research, USA


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ISBN13: 9781522557425 ISBN10: 1522557423 DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-5742-5
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