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Workshop on Massive Geometric Data Set

The aim of this workshop was to provide an opportunity for established researchers from academia, R&D people from industry, research students, and postdocs to meet and present their current work in order to further scientific interaction and international collaboration. Topics of interest included, but were not restricted to: - I/O-efficient algorithms and data structures - Cache-oblivious algorithms and data structures - Data stream algorithms - Geometric problems in spatial databases - Geometric visualization problems We also invited contributions that discuss work-in-progress and open problems and/or that address methodological issues and standards in the context of empirical research on algorithms and data structures for massive geometric data sets. The workshop was co-located with SoCG 05, the 21th Annual Symposium on Computational Geometry, and took place on the day following the conference. (http://wwwmath.uni-muenster.de/cs/u/jan/IOWorkshop/)

Dal 09/06/2005 al 09/06/2005, CNR Research Area - Pisa

Note: Organizing Committee: A. Lazzaroni (IIT-CNR), M. Pellegrini (IIT-CNR)