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"SoCG2005" - ACM Symposium on Computational Geometry

The Twenty-First Annual Symposium on Computational Geometry, featuring both theoretical and applied research and a video/multimedia review will be held at the National Research Council of Italy (CNR) Area della Ricerca di Pisa, Italy and will be co-organized by the National Research Council of Italy and the University of Perugia. We invite high-quality submissions based on research into geometric algorithms and data structures, into their implementation, into the supporting mathematics, and into applications in computer graphics, geometry processing, computer-aided design and manufacturing, computational biology, geographic information systems, medicine, robotics, sensor networks, database systems, and other areas. The Program Committee spans theoretical and applied interests in computational geometry and encourages submissions of theoretical, applied, or experimental nature to the conference. Topics of a theoretical nature include, but are not limited to, design and theoretical analysis of geometric algorithms and data structures; lower bounds for geometric problems; and discrete and combinatorial geometry. Topics of an applied and experimental nature include, but are not limited to, mathematical and numerical issues arising from implementations, experimental analysis of algorithms and data structures, and novel uses of computational geometry in other disciplines. (http://www.socg05.org/)

Dal 06/08/2005 al 08/08/2005, Area della Ricerca CNR - Pisa

Unità organizzative partecipanti: INTERO ISTITUTO

Note: Conference Committee: A. Lazzaroni (IIT-CNR), M. Pellegrini (IIT-CNR), P. Santi (IIT-CNR)