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Physiological Impact of Vibro-Acoustic Therapy on Stress and Emotions through Wearable Sensors

Stress represents one of the dominant factors ofyoung adults’ health, negatively affecting emotional, mental andphysical aspects. There are several works in the literature aimedat detecting stress levels and conditions through the use of wearabledevices. In this paper we investigated the effects of vibroacoustictherapy (VAT) on physiological signals in a small groupof young adults, trying to detect its positive effect on their stresscondition. VAT has its origin in 1980s with basic instruments ableto transmit music and vibrations. Here, we exploited AcusticA, aninnovative VAT solution represented by a wooden chaise longuedeveloped by following the principles of a big soundboard, andthus implementing a whole-body approach. Therapeutic sessionsare accompanied by selected relaxing melodies, appropriatelycomposed by a music therapist.We recruited 8 volunteer subjects,working in the same environment and characterised by similarstress conditions. We analysed the main components of ECG andGSR signals in order to highlight physiological responses andtheir variations between a rest baseline phase and a 20 minutetherapy. Results show a general decreasing trend in HR, SCRsand their amplitude, confirming the relaxing component of thetherapy.

IEEE PerCom 2018 - Emotion Aware Workshop, Athens, Greece, 2018

Autori esterni: Cristina Dolciotti (Department of Translational Research of New Technologies in Medicine and Surgery University of Pisa, Italy)
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Tipo: Contributo in atti di convegno
Area di disciplina: Computer Science & Engineering

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Attività: ICT for Health, care and well-being