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TIWIS2003 - "Tunisian Italian Workshop on Information Security and Digital Certification"

The Tiwis2003 Workshop has been conceived, within the framework of the ongoing tuniso-italian cooperation in science and technology, and as a follow-up of the Euro Mediterranean Project: "Information Security and Digital Certification" started at the end of 2001 and financed by CNR , which has seen a fruitful and effective collaboration between the National Digital Certification Agency (NDCA) of Tunisia, and the Istituto di Informatica e Telematica (IIT) of Italy. The objective of the workshop is to present the current research in the fields of Information Security and Digital Certification. These two topics are the basic foundation of the NET ECONOMY. The workshop will allow researchers of both countries to share their experience in these fields and to define future research programs and project proposals to be submitted to the European Union for funding. The papers presented in the workshop will be published. The Tiwis2003 Workshop will set up the foundations for future multinational conferences; as a follow-up of the Workshop, the organizing institutions are planning to organize a yearly event which will be hopefully presented as an EuroMed event. Topics that will be discussed in this workshop will be: - Biometry - Formal Methods in Security - Risk analysis - Open Source PKI and Digital Signature tools - E-Government - E-services security - IDS

Dal 21/05/2003 al 22/05/2003, Tunisi, Tunisia

Attività: Organizzazione di eventi e convegni

Note: Comitato organizzatore: F. Denoth, A. Vaccarelli, A. Lazzaroni, P. Andronico (web & graphic designer)