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ESF2002 - "Is Mobile Ad Hoc Networking Part of the Future of Mobile Networking in Europe ?

A Mobile ad-hoc network (Manet) is a system of wireless mobile nodes dynamically self-organising in arbitrary and temporary network topologies. People and vehicles can thus be internetworked in areas without a pre-existing communication infrastructure, or when the use of such infrastructure requires wireless extension. Therefore, such networks are designed to operate in widely varying environments, from military networks (with hundreds of nodes) to low-power sensor networks and other embedded systems. Dynamic topologies, Bandwidth constraints, Energy-constrained operations, Wireless vulnerabilities, and limited physical security are among the characteristics that differentiate Mobile ad hoc networks from fixed multi-hop networks. Before Manet technology can be easily deployed, improvements must be made in such areas as: wireless technologies, location and configuration management, addressing and routing, interoperability, and security. The workshop is intended to debate challenging aspects of Mobile Ad-hoc Networking from different points of view (the researchers community of this workshop is very heterogeneous), in order to evaluate the future impact of this technology in the European research world, as well as in real life in Europe. In particular, given that mobile personal communication is one of the research fields where the European research is leader, the investigation of applications and benefits of this new technology can only be beneficial for the European research community. The workshop will cover issues as the enabling technologies (wireless networks, multiple access protocols, etc.), the network-layer issues (addressing, location, routing, etc.), as well as the higher layers. A "mobile ad hoc network" is an autonomous system of mobile routers connected by wireless links. The routers are free to move randomly and organise themselves arbitrarily; thus, contrary to traditional wired networks, the network's wireless topology may self-configure and self

Dal 10/10/2002 al 12/10/2002, Monterosso al Mare - La Spezia (Italy)

Attività: Organizzazione di eventi e convegni

Note: Comitato Organizzatore: A. Lazzaroni (Chair), P. Andronico, R. Casarosa, G. Raciti