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TELERISE 2018: Fourth Intl. Workshop on TEchnical and LEgal aspects of data pRIvacy and SEcurity, 2-5 September 2018

Scope: Information sharing is essential for today's business and societal transactions. Nevertheless, such a sharing should not violate the security and privacy requirements either dictated by Law to protect data subjects or by internal regulations, which can be provided both at the organisation and at the individual level. An effectual, rapid, and unfailing electronic data sharing among different parties, while protecting legitimate rights on these data, is a key issue with several shades. Among them, how to translate the high-level law obligations, business constraints, and users' requirements into system-level security and privacy policies, and how to engineer efficient and practical technical solutions for policy definition and enforcement.

TELERISE aims at providing a forum for researchers and technicians from the legal and the IT disciplines, both in academia and industry, to foster an exchange of research results, experiences, and products in the area of privacy-preserving and secure data management, as well as, safety aspects in data management systems.

The ultimate goal is to conceive new trends and ideas on designing, implementing, and evaluating solutions for safe, reliable, and compliant information sharing, with an eye to the cross-relations between ICT and regulatory aspects of data management.


The list of relevant topics includes (may be not limited to):

-Model-based and experimental assessment of data protection
-Privacy in identity management and authentication
-Modelling and analysis languages for representation, visualization, specification of legal obligations
-Technical, legal, and user requirements for data protection
-User-friendly authoring tools to edit privacy and security policies
-Technical infrastructures for privacy and security policies management
-Technical infrastructures for supporting privacy and security policies evolution
-Privacy and security policies conflict analysis and resolution strategies
-Cross-relations between privacy-preserving technical solutions and legal regulations
-Privacy aware access and usage control
-Privacy and security policies enforcement mechanisms
-Privacy-preserving data allocation and storage
-Software systems compliance with applicable laws and regulations
-Heuristic for pattern identification in law text
-Qualitative and/or quantitative analyses of consumers awareness of technical solutions for data management

Welcome domains of application:
-Telecommunications and Networks
-Cloud Computing and Web Services
-Mobile devices
-Video Surveillance
-Smart Grid, Smart Cities, and Smart Spaces
-Financial & Business organizations
-Public Administration
-Social Networks


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