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Seminario: "Modelling And Analysing Trust and Influence in Social Networks", 27 Febbraio 2017

In this seminar we will talk about the influence and trust in the Online Social Networks (OSN). How usually we find the “influencers” in the social graph and the different approaches for that. Then we will present our hybrid approach that combine methods from Computer Science and Psychology in order to better understand what makes the OSN users “influencers” and how “Trust” occurred between users. Our focus is the Cybersecurity context where we consider only the topics, events and discussions that related to Cybersecurity domains.

This is an ongoing work and the objectives of this research are:

·        Study the socio-technical aspects having a significant relevance to cyber-security analysis and operations.

·        Develop socio-technical systems that enable modelling and analysing trust and influence in social networks (public and private) and in adversary groups and communities.

Bio: Mohamad is an early stage researcher in the University of Kent working on EU NeCS project. He got his BSc and MSc degrees in Computer Science (majored in Artificial Intelligence) from Damascus University, Syria. Mohamad worked for 8+ years with several international companies specialized in Telecom, Business Intelligence and Social Networks services. His research interests are: Social Networks, Semantic Web, Business Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Intelligent Software Systems and Information Visualization.

Dal 27/02/2017-15.30 al 27/02/2017-15.30 , IIT-CNR, Aula A 32

Speaker: Mohamad Imad Mahaini

Responsabile: Fabio Martinelli

Attività: Sicurezza di dispositivi mobili

Note: Afiliate Speaker: University of Kent, UK.