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EU project - Context-aware data-centric information sharing (CONSEQUENCE)

Contraente: European Community

Tipo: Progetto internazionale

Trustworthy and Secure Future Internet

An efficient, fast and seamless data exchange is vital for today’s society. At the same time such exchange should not create risks of violating confidentiality and privacy that may be associated with the data. To deliver a technology that would effectively fit both of these strategic needs is an important technological as well as economical and social challenge.
The Consequence project will deliver a Data-centric information protection framework based on
data-sharing agreements.
In particular the project intends to:
1) Define a generic, scalable, context-aware, secure and resilient architecture within a framework
to enable dynamic management policies based on agreements that ensure end-to-end secure
protection of data-centric information incorporating:

  • Models, algorithms, and tools for specification/authoring, elaboration, analysis, and management of multiparty data sharing agreements;
  • Models and implementation of Risk and context-aware policy refinement mechanisms;
  • Secure mechanisms for enforcement of controlled data sharing.

2) Engineer an interoperable software implementation of the architecture.
3) Evaluate the technical and business benefits of the implementation and framework via two test
4) Widen the use of agreements and policy enforcement, and improve best practices in secure
data and information sharing through a significant impact on the community.
The Consequence Framework will help to fill the gap between today’s business requirements in
the area of controlled data sharing and currently available technology offerings. It will also
exceed the functionality of today’s solutions that are usually focused on commercial content
licensing rather than dynamic data sharing.
The project Consortium combines strong industry players and academic institutions which will
deliver high quality research and development. The project outcome will be evaluated via two
industrial test beds.


Dal 01/01/2008 al 31/12/2010

Note: VII Framework Programme