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Oleksii Osliak

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Email: ti.rnc.tii@kailso.iiskelo
Telefono: +39 050 315 8240
Fax: +39 050 315 2593
Edificio: A
Ingresso: 2A
Stanza: A1a

Osliak Oleksii, 07-2020

Pubblicazioni dal 01/01/2016

Contributo in atto di convegno
Fabio Martinelli, Oleksii Osliak, Andrea Saracino
Towards General scheme for Data Sharing Agreements empowering Privacy-Preserving Data Analysis of structured CTI
2018, European Symposium on Research in Computer Security
Contributo in rivista
Fabio Martinelli, Oleksii Osliak, Andrea Saracino
A scheme for the sticky policy representation supporting secure cyber-threat intelligence analysis and sharing
2019, Information and Computer Security