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A Generic Software Framework for Car-Sharing Modelling based on a Large-Scale Multi-Agent Traffic Simulation Platform

Over the last decade, numerous carsharing systems havebeen deployed around the world. Yet, despite this success, net profit margins of carsharing services are still insuffcient due to a complicated demand modelling and high expenses for fleet redistribution. To address these problems, different carsharing paradigms (e.g., one-way versus free oating), operational models and pricing schemes have been proposed. In order to assess the effectiveness of these models and strategies, realistic simulation tools are needed that account for the main parameters that affect system performance. To this end, we have developed ageneric software framework that caters for several avours of carsharingservices, such as hybrid systems where both one-way and free oatingmodes coexist. In addition, the proposed framework accounts for electric vehicles, power sharing capabilities, smart charging policies, booking services, fleet redistribution and membership management. Our tool is based on MATSim, an open-source platform for multi-agent traffic simulation.To validate our simulation model we will use a case study basedon data from the 2006 Lyon conurbation household travel survey, whichprovides information about more than three million trips.

Agent Based Modelling of Urban Systems (ABMUS 2016), Singapore, 2016

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Mohamed Haitam Laarabi

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Tipo: Contributo in atti di convegno
Area di disciplina: Information Technology and Communication Systems

File: abmus2016_v10.1.pdf

Attività: ICT for Sustainability
Smart Cities & Communities