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An example of smartphone Bluetooth Low Energy access control system

The massive diffusion of smartphone, tablets and the upcoming arrival of new wearable devices are fueling the need to find intelligent solutions to everyday problems, by simplifying and improving the use of things we are already accustomed to.Thanks to the processing power, wireless communication and networking available on our mobile devices, adopted by a growing number of people, it is possible to deliver advanced services to a multitude of users, even if they are not particularly experts in the IT field.This allows us to develop new paradigms of interaction human-to-objects.In this document it is described a prototype system, that employs technologies designed for mobile devices, to realize an access control system. Being well aware that commercial solutions already exist, the intent is to explore and demonstrate new features provided by the devices that we use daily.


Autori IIT:

Tipo: Rapporto Tecnico
Area di disciplina: Information Technology and Communication Systems
IIT TR-06/2016

File: TR-06-2016.compressed.pdf

Attività: Internet of Things
Smart Cities & Communities