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Contributo in atti di convegno, 2017

Fabio Martinelli, Francesco Mercaldo, Vittoria Nardone, Antonella Santone
How Discover a Malware using Model Checking
2017, ACM Asia Conference on Computer and Communications Security (ASIACCS)
Marco Avvenuti, Salvatore Bellomo, Stefano Cresci, Mariantonietta N. La Polla, Maurizio Tesconi
Hybrid Crowdsensing: A Novel Paradigm to Combine the Strengths of Opportunistic and Participatory Crowdsensing
2017, International World Wide Web Conference (WWW'17 companion)
Mariasole Bondioli, Susanna Pelagatti, Maria Claudia Buzzi, Marina Buzzi, Caterina Senette
ICT to Aid Dental Care of Children with Autism
2017, ASSETS '17: 19th International ACM SIGACCESS Conference on Computers and Accessibility
Fabio Martinelli, Francesco Mercaldo, VIttoria Nardone, Antonella Santone, Corrado Aaron Visaggio
Identifying Mobile Repackaged Applications through Formal Methods
2017, 1st International Workshop on FORmal methods for Security Engineering (ForSE 2017), in conjunction with the 3rd International Conference on Information Systems Security and Privacy (ICISSP 2017)
A. La Marra, F. Martinelli, P. Mori, A. Saracino
Implementing Usage Control in Internet of Things: A Smart Home Use Case
2017, IEEE International Symposium on Security, Privacy and Trust in Internet of Things (SPTIoT 2017)
Antonio La Marra, Fabio Martinelli, Paolo Mori, Athanasios Rizos, Andrea Saracino
Improving MQTT by Inclusion of Usage Control
2017, The 10th International Conference on Security, Privacy and Anonymity in Computation, Communication and Storage (SpaCCS 2017)
Marc Jamoulle, Melissa P. Resnick, Ashwin Ittoo, Robert Vander Stichele, Elena Cardillo, Julien Grosjean, Stefan Darmoni, Marc Vanmeerbeek
Indexing grey multilingual literature in General Practice in the era of Semantic Web
2017, Nineteenth International Conference on Grey Literature Public Awareness and Access to Grey Literature (GL19)
Buzzi, Marina, Francesco Gennai, Claudio Petrucci
Interoperability challenge of certified communication systems via internet
2017, International Conference on Electronic Governance and Open Society: Challenges in Eurasia
Barcaro U, Barsocchi P, Crivello A, Delmastro F, Di Martino F, Distefano E, Dolciotti C, La Rosa D, Magrini M, Palumbo F
INTESA: An integrated ICT solution for promoting wellbeing in older people
2017, Third Italian Workshop On Artificial Intelligence For Ambient Assisted Living (AI*AAL.IT 2017)
Antonio La Marra, Fabio Martinelli, Paolo Mori, Athanasios Rizos, Andrea Saracino
Introducing Usage Control in MQTT
2017, 3rd Workshop On The Security Of Industrial Control Systems & Of Cyber-Physical Systems (CyberICPS 2017)