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Contributo in rivista, 2016

Domenico De Guglielmo, Francesco Restuccia, Giuseppe Anastasi, Marco Conti, Sajal K. Das
Accurate and Efficient Modeling of 802.15.4 Unslotted CSMA/CA through Event Chains Computation
2016, IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing
Marco Avvenuti, Mario G. C. A. Cimino, Stefano Cresci , Andrea Marchetti, Maurizio Tesconi
A framework for detecting unfolding emergencies using humans as sensors
2016, SpringerPlus
Laura Borrello, Chiara Cupidi, Valentina Lagana`,Maria Anfossi,Maria Elena Conidi,Nicoletta Smirne,Maria Taverniti,Roberto Guarasci,Amalia Cecilia Bruni
Angela R.: a familial Alzheimer’s disease case in the days of Auguste D.
2016, Journal of Neurology
Cesario Di Sarno, Alessia Garofalo, Ilaria Matteucci, Marco Vallini
A novel security information and event management system for enhancing cyber security in a hydroelectric dam.
2016, International Journal of Critical Infrastructure Protection
V. Arnaboldi, M. G. Campana, F. Delmastro, E. Pagani
A personalized recommender system for pervasive social networks
2016, Pervasive and Mobile Computing
Lucia Galli-Resta, Benedetto Falsini, Giuseppe Rossi, Marco Piccardi, Lucia Ziccardi, Antonello Fadda, Angelo Minnella, Dario Marangoni, Giorgio Placidi, Francesca Campagna, Edoardo Abed, Matteo Bertelli, Monia Zuntini, Giovanni Resta
Bilateral Symmetry of Visual Function Loss in Cone–Rod Dystrophies
2016, Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci
Marinella Petrocchi, Angelo Spognardi, Paolo Santi
Bioinspired Security Analysis of Wireless Protocols.
2016, Mobile Networks and Applications
Mordacchini M., Valerio L., Conti M., Passarella A.
Design and evaluation of a cognitive approach for disseminating semantic knowledge and content in opportunistic networks
2016, Computer Communications
D’Aurizio R, Russo F, Chiavacci E, Baumgart M, Groth M, D Onofrio M, Arisi I, Rainaldi G, Pitto L and Pellegrini M
Discovering miRNA regulatory networks in Holt-Oram Syndrome using a Zebrafish model
2016, Front. Bioeng. Biotechnology
Stefano Cresci, Roberto Di Pietro, Marinella Petrocchi, Angelo Spognardi, Maurizio Tesconi
DNA-Inspired Online Behavioral Modeling and Its Application to Spambot Detection
2016, IEEE Intelligent Systems