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Historical archive of a former psychiatric hospital: a preliminary study in patients with dementia diagnosis

Background e Objective: The historical archive of the former psychiatric hospital in Girifalco (CZ) consists of 15,794clinical records of patients hospitalized between 1881 and 1978 [1,2]. For this study, the first 5,000 records will bescanned, digitized and transcribed through a speech recognition software. Historical clinical records could widenknowledge of dementia and its peculiar aspects such as BPSD by allowing comparison between the ancient behavioral andpsychological disorders and the current ones. A quantitative study of dementia focusing on socio-demographiccharacteristics could be also performed.Subject and methods:To date, 500 records of patients (1881 - 1893) have been processed. Diagnosis has been interpretedthrough Italian psychiatric nosology [3]. Only clinical records containing the word “dementia” have been selected andrelated documents analyzed to focus on symptoms, behaviors, therapies and evolution of the disease.Results:About 20% (95 subjects: 32 women and 63 men) reports a dementia diagnosis, often as single disease, sometimesas comorbidity diagnosis. Among demented patients; the maximum duration of the disease was 44 years, while the averagewas 18 years; 78 patients died in the hospital after one or more admissions, 17 were discharged. Survival ranges from 3 to12 years.Conclusions:Despite difficulties in recovering and interpreting, historical clinical records of former psychiatric hospitalsare precious sources of information to outline the historical evolution of dementia because the long stay in the asylumparallels a long-term clinical observation. Interestingly, dementia prevalence in this sample was double in men leading tothe hypothesis of more aggressive BPSD in men. Results promise interesting outcomes as the study goes on.


Autori esterni: Amalia Cecilia Bruni (Centro di Neurogenetica (CZ)), Marco Simonetti (Centro di Neurogenetica (CZ))
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