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Edificio: B
Ingresso: 9
Stanza: IGG-4


Pubblicazioni dal 01/01/2016

Contributo in atto di convegno
Franca Delmastro, Cristina Dolciotti, Filippo Palumbo, Massimo Magrini, Flavio Di Martino, Davide La Rosa, Umberto Barcaro
Long-term care: how to improve the quality of life with mobile and e-health services
2018, International Workshop on e-Health Pervasive Wireless Applications and Services 2018, in conjunction with 14th International Conference on Wireless and Mobile Computing, Networking and Communications (WiMob 2018)
Franca Delmastro, Flavio Di Martino, Cristina Dolciotti
Physiological Impact of Vibro-Acoustic Therapy on Stress and Emotions through Wearable Sensors
2018, IEEE PerCom 2018 - Emotion Aware Workshop
Barcaro U, Barsocchi P, Crivello A, Delmastro F, Di Martino F, Distefano E, Dolciotti C, La Rosa D, Magrini M, Palumbo F
INTESA: An integrated ICT solution for promoting wellbeing in older people
2017, Third Italian Workshop On Artificial Intelligence For Ambient Assisted Living (AI*AAL.IT 2017)
Contributo in rivista
Franca Delmastro, Flavio Di Martino, Cristina Dolciotti
Cognitive Training and Stress Detection in MCI Frail Older People through Wearable Sensors and Machine Learning
Franca Delmastro, Cristina Dolciotti, Davide La Rosa, Flavio Di Martino, Massimo Magrini, Simone Coscetti, Filippo Palumbo
Experimenting Mobile and e-Health Services with Frail MCI Older People